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Sealing Machine Feeder


Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick



Fish Plant Workers – NOC 9463


Sealing Machine Feeders are responsible for feeding the precooked product onto the Sealing Machine lines. They are responsible for receiving the precooked product (cans of fish), inspecting the product for defects (issues with fish/cans), and separating the defective cans from the approved cans. They are also tasked with ensuring the canned product they send down the line is within company guidelines (fish is confined to within the cans, no bones are present, etc.).



  • Visually confirming that the cans received from the Precooker are properly precooked.
  • Visually confirming that the cans are without defects of the fish/can.
  • Visually confirming that the product is within company guidelines on appearance.
  • Identifying, and separating, defective/unapproved cans from those that pass inspection.
  • Sending approved cans down the line for further processing.
  • Maintaining (to the best of their ability) continuous flow of the line to minimize disruption.



  • Must be physically capable of standing on cement floors for extended periods of time.
  • Must be physically capable of working in one spot for extended periods of time.
  • Must be physically capable working in a limited space.
  • Must be physically capable of bending, lifting, and discarding of trays of products.
  • Must be physically capable of identifying issues with product/cans
    • Must be capable of seeing small defects on cans.
  • Must have a Grade 10 Education (or equivalent).
  • Must be legally allowed to work in Canada.


Working Conditions and Physical Capacities:

This position can be physically demanding with any combination of standing, walking, and/or bending for extended periods of time on cement floors. Lifting is required for tray usage (weights are minimal, ~15/20 lbs.). Some hand/finger dexterity is required to manually handle cans/trays. Levels of excessive noise can be expected during periods of high production. Periods of humidity/heat can be expected during hotter months.


Company Benefits:

  • Company Sponsored Pension.
  • Comprehensive Benefit Package (Available upon Completion of Probationary Period)

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Locations for Canada:

Markham, Ontario
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick
Saint John, New Brunswick

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