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Who We are

A Better Way to Seafood

At Bumble Bee we are deeply motivated by the desire to create A Better Way to Seafood™. We are continually inspiring ourselves and others to discover innovative ways to take care of the ocean, all that it gives us, and the people who rely on it.


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A Better Way to Seafood<sup>™</sup>

Our Values

From fishers to our employee partners, to customers, to consumers and to communities we serve, we base our actions on shared, transparent values that hold us accountable to each other and the world.

Focus forward

Focus forward

We work with intention and clarity to build a better future

Come together

Come together

Diverse perspectives make us stronger and unite us to reach our goals

Act right

Act right

We operate with integrity and own our responsibility to our employees, consumers, and oceans

Find a way

Find a way

We are dedicated, determined, and agile in pursuit of our goals

Show love

Show love

We care deeply for all who make our work possible


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People First

Investing in our Team Members

We are proudly and fiercely a people-first company, knowing we can only achieve our mission through our people. Whether through career advancement and professional development, or competitive salary and benefits, we’re always looking for the best ways to make sure our people feel happy, supported, and fulfilled.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

What we believe:

In connection with our values and commitment to People First, we believe in a diverse and inclusive culture where self-expression is not only welcome, but fundamental to doing good in the world.



With ‘Feeding People’s Lives Through the Power of the Ocean’ at the core of our company’s foundation, we are dedicated to supporting the communities and coastal environments in the areas we operate.

Rhea D | Sr. QA Specialist

Right from my interview, I knew that Bumble Bee was going to be a great place to work and impact my learning experience for good. And boy, was I right! In the short amount of time I have worked here, I absolutely love how much everyone at the hive has helped me grow. Respect, care and excellence are the qualities that exude from the Executive leadership and flow throughout the rest of the company. It’s good to be a part of this family.

Eri Martinez | Data Engineer

The support, consideration, and encouragement I have received during my short time at Bumble Bee have been great! I’ve been very lucky to work with such an amazing team that takes the time to ensure that I have the adequate resources to accomplish any task at hand. Additionally, I enjoy working for a company that genuinely values sustainability and works to create a better future in and out of the workplace.

Kimberly Nguyen | VP, Business Planning & Analysis

What I enjoy most about working at Bumble Bee is the people. We have a whole lot of love, commitment, appreciation, collaboration and sarcasm all wrapped up in our hardworking team.

Paul Gallagher | SVP, Commercial, Canada and International

One of Clover Leaf’s values is “focus forward,” and this is really demonstrated by an openness to try new things and learn together as a team. We take pride in the high-quality, nutritious products we sell under market-leading brands with over 100 years of heritage in Canada.

Jeremy Zavoral | Director Brand Marketing

Bumble Bee might be the most modern, entrepreneurial, and fresh 121-year-old brand out there. Yes, I’m talking about canned tuna. The team has a lot of respect for the company’s heritage but we’re focused forward, creating innovative new products that will fit even better in tomorrow’s kitchens.