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Bumble Bee’s sustainability journey started many years ago.

For over a decade, we have been on the forefront of protecting tuna stocks around the globe, helping found the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation to bring scientists, the tuna industry, and environmental champions around the world together to preserve the health of our oceans. We’ve already seen a significant impact, but now is the time to accelerate our actions and do even more.

Bumble Bee’s sustainability journey started many years ago.
Bumble Bee’s sustainability journey started many years ago.

Our vision is to redefine sustainability and social impact for all seafood companies, ensuring the health of our oceans and all who rely on them. It is our mission to lead the world as champions for sustainable fishing and advocates for fishers, setting tomorrow’s standards through the actions we take today.


Reducing Bycatch
& Ocean Plastic

As the sole corporate partner of the third phase of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative’s (GGGI) Indonesia Ghost Gear Prevention, Retrieval, and Net Recycling Programme, we’re creating strategies that address the major challenges of ghost gear in a key fishing nation through reduction, reuse, and recycling.

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Reducing Bycatch <br>& Ocean Plastic
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Sustainable fish stocks
& alternatives

We committed to providing seafood from sustainable sources and broadening the definition of seafood to include ocean-inspired alternatives.

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Sustainable fish stocks <br>& alternatives
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Fair Labor Practices
& Community Health

We are committed to ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all people connected to The Bumble Bee Seafood Company and contributing to the health of our communities.

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Fair Labor Practices <br>& Community Health
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Sustainability & social impact

Putting our money
where our heart is

As part of our vision to redefine sustainability and social impact in the seafood industry, we will establish a Sustainability Accelerator within Bumble Bee to innovate and pilot new approaches to addressing industry challenges across our sustainability pillars: Ocean, Fish, and People. Under the direct supervision of the CEO, this Accelerator will dedicate $40 M in funds over the next five years.

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Putting our money <br>where our heart is
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Spawning a new generation
of ocean lovers

We are partnering with educators to develop internships and fellowships designed to help address some of the industry’s bigger sustainability and social impact challenges.

Spawning a new generation <br>of ocean lovers
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Industry Leadership

Shaping a better tomorrow through our actions today

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to doing business legally and ethically. That includes obeying all anti-bribery laws, practicing social responsibility, protecting the environment, and actively promoting the sustainability of the food sources that we sell to our valued customers. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers. Click here to view our 2020 Supplier Code of Conduct.

Traceability & Transparency

We will continue to lead the industry in transparency and traceability, creating easier access to customers through testing new technologies.

Worker Safety

We will continue to champion our best-in-class culture of safety in Bumble Bee facilities to ensure adherence to established and thorough safety protocols.


We’ve established five-year plans for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases, waste, and water usage.


We continue to seek reduction in packaging waste at all points to eliminate plastic packaging and develop sustainable alternatives.

Shaping a better tomorrow through our actions today
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