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Canning Fish Plant Workers – NOC 95107


Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick




The positions listed under NOC Code 95107 are hourly paid positions in various departments throughout the facility. These positions are Heavy Labor positions so applicants can be expected to perform duties related to any and all heavy labor duties.

These positions can be responsible for unloading incoming fish from our fishing vessels as well as transporting the unloaded fish into our processing area for work. They may also be responsible for transporting both our canned goods, and company supplies, throughout the facility (our Plant/Processing areas in addition to our Warehouse areas) manually or through the use of powered equipment (lift trucks or hand lifts).

They can also be tasked with manually handling our frozen fish products, and manually handling our fresh fish products for freezing (for later production requirements). They can be tasked with sorting incoming fish by size, weight, and final destination according to daily production requirements. These positions can be responsible for weighing our canned products to ensure the proper weight specifications are met each day. These positions can be responsible for weighing, recording each weight, and packing our fish in ice. Lastly, these positions can be tasked with measuring, and dumping, ingredients into the hoppers of our mixing & grinding machines.



  • Unloading fish from fishing vessels.
  • Transporting unloaded fish to processing work areas.
  • Transporting canned goods and company supplies throughout the facility.
  • Manually handling frozen fish for processing.
  • Manually handling fresh fish for freezing.
  • Sorting incoming fish by production requirements (size, weight, location).
  • Weighing canned goods to ensure weight requirements/specifications are met.
  • Weighing, recording, and packing fish into ice.



  • Must be physically capable of heavy labor.
  • Must be physically capable of lifting weights upwards of 50 lbs. frequently.
  • Must be physically capable of bending, crouching, and/or squatting frequently.
  • Must be physically capable of standing and/or walking for extended periods of time.
  • Must be physically capable of pushing and/or pulling with a hand lift.
  • Must be physically capable of holding, lifting, and/or pushing fish products (both frozen and fresh).
  • Must be able to sort fish by daily specifications (weight, size, etc.).
  • Must be able to operate a company weight scale.
  • Must be able to record all documented weights in company logs (either by hand or with computerized equipment).


Working Conditions & Physical Capacities:

This position can be physically demanding at times, with any combination of standing, sitting, walking, crouching, and/or squatting for periods of time during the assigned shift on cement floors. Additionally, lifting, pulling, and/or pushing weights upwards of 50 lbs. frequently during the duration of the shift can be expected. Excessive noise may be experienced during periods of high production (depending on location within the facility), as well as cold/hot temperatures above the normal level (depending on location within the facility).


Company Benefits:

  • Our 4-year Collective Agreement is in place to provide annual wage increases of 4%, 3%, 2%, & 2% over the next 4 years (2022 – 2025).
  • Overtime rates of 1.5x after 40 hours worked in a single week.
  • Employees are paid on a weekly basis.
  • Shift premium of an extra $0.75/hour after 3pm (Shift start time of 3pm or later).
  • Shift premium of an extra $1.00/hour after 11pm (Shift start time 11pm or later).
  • Twelve Company Paid Holidays each year.
  • Vacation Entitlement that increases with each year of service.
  • A Benefits Plan that allows employees to maintain all medical benefits during lay-off period(s).
  • Various work scheduling options (days, afternoons, and evenings).
  • Most positions within the facility are Monday – Friday (day shift) with the occasional weekend and overtime.
  • On the Job training.
  • Company Sponsored Pension.
  • Comprehensive Benefit Package (Available upon Completion of Probationary Period).


Please feel free to send along a resume, or application, to any of the following places:

By Mail:
Human Resources, Connors Bros., A Division Of Clover Leaf Seafoods Corp.
180 Brunswick Street, Blacks Harbour, N.B. E5H 1G6

By Website:

By clicking on the above “Apply” link.

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Locations for Canada:

Markham, Ontario
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick
Saint John, New Brunswick

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